NZV8 Top 100 Cars — The Editor's Pick

New Zealand has some of the most impressive and desirable V8-powered muscle cars and street machines in the world. To celebrate the passion for these vehicles, NZV8 magazine’s editor Todd Wylie has selected what he feels are his top 100 from the first 100 issues of the magazine. The outcome is NZV8 Magazine — Top 100 Cars, the Editor’s Pick, a 144-page full-colour hardback book. 

Like the people behind them, the cars within vary hugely, from stock-standard rare and desirable classics through to hand-crafted custom works of art that would cost many hundreds of thousands of dollars to build. It’s a selection that ranges from late-model exotics, right back to the early days of motoring, together with a large selection from the iconic muscle car era — the diversity is huge. 

Each of the 100 vehicles selected has a unique story behind it, and while some have been selected on the basis of outright power, others have a special characteristic that singled them out enough to get onto the list. 

With detailed mechanical specifications and gorgeous photography, NZV8 Magazine — Top 100 Cars, the Editor’s Pick is the perfect way to celebrate New Zealand’s love of the almighty V8 engine.

144 pages, pictorially rich.