NZV8 Beach Hop Annual 2022

Repco Beach Hop 22 Annual is on sale now! 

The team at NZV8 has once again produced a stellar annual with all the highlights of Repco Beach Hop from its 22nd year of running.

If you attended Repco Beach Hop 22, or have always wanted to attend, then you need to get stuck into this annual. It's not only jam-packed with events from all five days, there are also a massive 17 feature cars included. Repco Beach Hop is unquestionably New Zealand’s most cherished and largest automotive-themed event, and it’s an absolutely wild experience filled with all makes and models of American, British, and Australian cars from 1970 and before. From Waihi to winners, and everything in between — NZV8’s Repco Beach Hop 22 Annual is rich in content.

I have to warn you though, a look through the mag will make you envious if you didn’t attend!

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