NZV8 199, December 2021

When certified speed-freak Stu Goldsworthy wanted to build a new drag car, he went about it a little differently, placing an order with engine master Steve Morris for a big-power promod that could be street driven! The result is a 4000hp twin-turbo big-block Chev-powered Corvette. We’ve all seen real-life iconic cars recreated as Hot Wheels, but how about Andy Smith’s ’64 Malibu, which does the opposite. Mustangs don’t come much better than a 429 Boss, and Colin Macbeth’s example is about as special as they come. Like skids? So does Brendon Shearing, which is why his air-bagged ’67 Impala cruiser is packing a TBS 14–71 blown 555 big-block. We also check out the reimaging of a family heirloom ’68 XR 600 Falcon. Looking for some inspiration for your build? We showcase some of the best engine bays to ever grace these pages. All this and a ton more in the December edition of NZV8!

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