NZV8 192, May 2021

In 2014 we introduced the Quickest Streeter list, and for guys like Dan Southall it has meant countless iterations as they strived to climb it. His Camaro has been on the list since day one, and is currently sitting in third. Running a small block, small tyres, and leaf springs, they certainly have not made their quest for 7s as easy as it could be. Other feature cars include Brett Marsh’s custom F100, an XT Falcon ex Gisborne taxi reborn, and a retro-tech R/T Challenger. Events include a 12-page Repco Beach Hop pictorial, Hot Rod Blow Out, and the Holden Addiction Nationals. We interviewed Malcolm Sankey about 21 years in business at Matamata Panelworks. Read from those who have done it before with our comprehensive shed building guide, and we chat to local driveline specialists with our Driveline Masterclass.  Got a kid that dreams of drag racing? Checkout the first installment of the Wild Bunch Mini Slammer build, and we also check in with Napa CMC for a mid-season update. All this and a bunch more in the May issue of NZV8.

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