NZV8 191, April 2021

Pete North is no stranger to NZV8, and when his 25th anniversary came knocking, he decided it was time to put together a special car for his wife Keri. The result is a candy dipped XR Falcon with a tough stroker Windsor for motivation. For the tech heads, we tear back the carbon body of a Rex Duckett’s 6-second 632ci nitrous slammer, as well as the carbon of the Collins Motorsport new MARC II Mustang endurance racer. Door slammer pilot Ryan Sheldon talks us through swapping to a blown hemi, we teach you the art of brake line building, showcase some top OEM crate engine offerings, and speak to ex-pat engine builder Stroker John on his adventures in the US, and building engines for a living. How could we forget Wayne Cowley’s resto mod ’72 F10, Jess Kirkwood’s ‘63 ragtop Impala, and coverage of the 1st Autoparts Burnout Nationals. All this and a ton more in the April issue of NZV8 Magazine.

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