NZV8 186, November 2020

What would you do if thieves broke into your lock up in the dead of the night and took everything you had worked your butt-off to create while also destroying anything else in their path. Call it quits on building cars, or double down and build something twice as wild?  Matt Jukic went with the later, seeking revenge by building something better in every way, a bagged and blown b-body Charger. We checkout a ‘57 Chev with a hand controlled supercharged LS1, a stunning ‘38 Ford coupe with perfect stance thanks to a custom chassis and air ride, a stroker 383 LX Torana, a twin turbo big block ‘46 Jailbar, and we tear the skin off the CRE TAV8 Mustangs. Fresh off their 481mph world record we chat with the crew behind George Poteets Speed Demon including a young Kiwi. Rod heads to Nelson to dig deep into Tony Jeffs Shed, and for the techfiles among you we show you how to build your own surge tank and also discuss vehicle safety and what you really need to know. All this and a ton more in the November issue of NZV8.