NZV8 184, September 2020

Some cars look cool, other’s scream it, and when cars like Tony Middlemiss’ Torana roll round, the coolness is deafening. The retina-searing sedan ticks all the boxes for a tough streeter, and we managed to get Tony out of the driver’s seat for just long enough to get it in front of a photographer. The same can be said for the blown Chev gasser of Hayden ‘Ophy’ Ophuis and the methanol-drinking VW Beetle drag car of JD Shepherd. This issue also includes Charlie Bailey’s latest Chevelle project along with a look at the local Shelby Mustang range from Shelby NZ. On the tech front, we check out if candy paint is really worth the effort, and follow up on our welding tech from last issue. What you really don’t want to miss is our expert’s guide to building your car right. If ever there was an article that could save you thousands of dollars and endless heartache, this is it!