NZV8 176, January 2020

What’s blacker than black, more perfect than perfection, and sinister to boot? Pete and Donna Dyer’s Ford Jailbar, that’s what. It wowed the crowds at CRC Speedshow and now, we’re lucky enough to bring you the full feature. The jaw-dropping roadster of Ross Bell is also in the mix along with  a pair of HQ Holden wagons that pack way more punch than their mild looks would indicate. We also get a close up look at Big Red - the famous second Gen Camaro that’s been clocking up laps on race tracks around the country for the last few decades. As well as these tough cars, this issue features Round Two of the Enzed Central Muscle Cars series and the inaugural Takapuna Rocks. Special Features include a look at the Kiwis who’ve raced in Aus, a Kiwi living the dream in California and the last in our series of Wild Bunch Driver Profiles.