NZV8 175, December 2019

Who loves Pro Street? We love Pro Street, especially when it’s as perfectly finished as Bill Flowers’ Malibu. The car wasn’t always meant to be this perfect, but the mix of a fire and Bill being an elite level custom painter set the scene for an amazing build. This issue also sees Fabian Goldbert’s twin turbocharged El Camino breaking cover for the first time since its ground-up rebuild along with the latest creation from the Bellarat garage. On the event front there’s coverage from Kaikoura Hop, the Aeroflow Fuel Altered Challenge, Amberly Rock'n Wheels and an insight to what happens on the salt at Bonneville. We also found room for a look at a group of miscreants that call themselves the Darrells and a trio of station wagons that show long roofs can be cool.