NZV8 171, August 2019

Sometimes beauty is more than skin deep, and it’s what’s on the inside that counts. No, we’re not getting mushy, we’re talking about Steve Allan’s Oldsmobile 88 that’s packing a whole bunch of trick bits below a patina-coated exterior. Trick’s the word to describe Mike Guy’s Ford Bonus, too, as while most people build pickups for hauling parts, he built his to haul arse at track days. Other feature cars include a chopped 1949 Mercury, slammed Chev Malibu, and colour-matched his and hers Ford cruisers. We also check out the cars of 1969 along with events from around the country including the Street Rod Nationals, Marineland’s Swap Meet, Capital Rodders’ Horsepower Display as well as a bunch of unofficial gatherings that went on at Repco Beach Hop 19.