NZV8 169, June 2019

The only thing more Kiwi than a BBQ in your Swandri and Redbands is an old Holden, and Issue No. 169 of NZV8 is packing one of the best; a mini tubbed, blown, and slammed ’67 HR sedan. The bloke behind the build has a little bit of a contest going with his brother about who could build the best Holden, and with the benchmark being set high, he threw everything he could at the build. The results — well, grab a copy and you’ll see they speak for themselves. Of course, there’s far more than just the HR in this issue; there’s the Repco Beach Hop 19 highlights amongst a handful of standout feature cars, plus a step-by-step tech article from one of the country’s finest metalworkers.

Our special features include a dream shed packed full of rare cars as well as a look back at drag racing the way it used to be.

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