NZV8 150, November 2017

 In the fast-paced world of instant gratification we live in, we're still amazed at the support our monthly magazines have — old-school paper and ink about old-school steel and noise. 

Celebrating 150 issues of NZV8 is the name of this one, and we've crammed it full of stuff to keep you coming back for more. 
- Our cover car is suitably bad — Jim McIndoe's Cuda built to look like a nicely-restored example, but to the highest of standards, and those old-fashioned good looks hide a monster 440ci big block and custom tubular underpinnings. 
- Jack Rainbow's name should need no introduction, but he's the owner of what's probably New Zealand's lowest and fastest Chev C10. The twin-turbo 406ci small block pumps out over 600hp, and with bags and a custom chassis, this thing looks the part, too. 
- Do you like Ford Pops? Well, what about Ford Pop gassers? Yeah, we do too, and Doug Hughes has a pretty cool one on his hands — a personal project that he's built and rebuilt over the years to get it to where it is now. 
- With Holden closing down its Australian manufacturing this year, we took a look at a bunch of the top dogs — theose breathed upon by HSV. 
- We also take a look at a number of trendsetters from the local V8 scene over the last 150 issues, and, no — they weren't all cover cars. Take a trip down memory lane with some of the most cutting edge vehicles we've featured. 
- And, of course, there are event reports from such awesome shows as Kaikoura Hop and Petrolheads @ Porirua, an in-depth interview with Faye Grant — one of New Zealand's big drag racing names, who burst onto the scene as quickly as she left it — and a closer look at an incredible collection of hot rods, parts, and who knows what else!
- All that and more is just a click away, so add this thing to your cart and head to the checkout — you know you want to.