NZV8 132, May 2016

You’re in for a treat with NZV8 Issue No. 132.


There’s really no better way to describe Aaron Beck’s crazy ‘73 Cuda, than ‘raw’. As a concept artist by trade, Aaron’s worked his magic on movies such as Mad Max, and it’s that twisted style of design that he’s carried over into his Cuda build. While at first glance the car may look unfinished, it’s been designed and built that way, and is as finished as it’s likely to get — big primer patch on the side and all. Don’t let the raw look fool you into thinking the workmanship is sloppy though, as Aaron’s done the hard yards to learn the skills required for top-level fabrication, all of which has been done in his home garage. Madness.

In complete contrast to Aaron’s Cuda, this issue also features Josh Dalton’s immaculate-looking Chev Nova. The car is a work of art, yet one Josh drives almost every day. The car’s stock appearance hides plenty of clever work underneath that gets the car not only handling like a high-performance lat-model vehicle, but performing like one, too.

In the never-ending quest for knowledge, we’ve delved into the world of suspension in this issue. If you want to know your torsion bars from your tramp rods, or your camber from your caster,  then this is the article for you.

Wanganui Road Rodders (spelt that way since before the H was added) have been holding their annual eighth-mile street drags for three decades now, and it never fails to disappoint. We’re not sure what’s in the water there, but Whanganui is home to some of the toughest street cars in the country, many of which came out for a play at this year’s event. We were there to catch the madness as it unfolded.

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