NZ Performance Car 170, February 2011

  • Patriot - Detroit + Hiroshima = Andrew Redward’s unique FC3S RX-7
  • In the Mix- Japan and America came together at Fram Autolite Dragway for the NZPC vs NZV8 Drag Combat
  • The Right Fit - After plenty of trial and error, Sky Zhau has found what he was looking for
  • Horsepower Party Take 2 - With more than 360 cars, Powercruise rocked Taupo once again
  • Performance Car of the Year Revealed - We crown the king for 2010
  • V 4&Rotary Nationals Pull Out Guide- All you need to know
  • Switch Hitter- A 9-second-capable time attack GSR driven by a blonde woman. We just had to take a closer look
  • Nothing but Nissan - The hills were alive with the sound of RBs and SRs during New Zealand’s very first Nizfest
  • Skid Row - Aaron Johnson’s 13B Corolla loves skids almost as much as he does

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