NZ Performance Car 164, August 2010

  • The Joker - Paul Gibson's ute is as insane as its namesake
  • On the Clock - The World Time Attack Challenge was a big gamble for its promoters. Did it pay off? 
  • Dawn Raid - NZPC crawls out of bed well before the sun comes up to shoot NZ's toughest Toyota
  • Racer X - After a year in the build, Racer X is complete
  • Napolean Complex - Never underestimate the little guy - he's usually the first to throw a punch
  • Final Push - After a hard fought season, it was back to Ruapuna for the final round of the Drift South
  • Tangerine Dream - We head to Wellington to check out a candy-coated boxer
  • Field of Dreams - Peter Kelly gets behind the wheel of an R35 GT-R and joins the others for a day of battles on New Zealand's newest race circuit
  • D-Low Evo - NZPC checks out a stealthy Wanganui streeter that's all about the go