NZ Performance Car 163, July 2010

  • Back in Black - The black Bat that came back. We take an up close and personal look at Steve Rossen's Pro Import RX-7, 26 All-Wheel Slide - The World Rally Championship circus rolled into New Zealand this month and NZPC was there
  • British Bulldog - Fraser Simpson wanted his EP3 Honda Civic to look and go like a British Touring Car Championship Type R racer - all while remaining a daily driver
  • The Big Smoke - NZPC J-side correspondent Aaron Mai heads into the heart of Tokyo to check out the opening round of D1GP Japan
  • Design Tweaks - Phil Taylor's car is the Supra Toyota should have made
  • Hunt for Speed - New Section - super-blogger Rod Chong joins the team! 54 Racer-X - It's the countdown to completion as we apply the finishing touches to our Honda CR-X project car
  • Mini Me - It's a hard road finding the perfect mix of Mirage and Evolution, but Dustin Ng managed it
  • Compak Attack - Import racing events don't come much bigger than the Compak Attak
  • Fantasy Factory - New Section - Where we dream about building cars exactly how we'd want them
  • Stealth Symphony - A high-class vehicle with an even classier install
  • Primal Fear - Meet a vehicle so tough it scares other cars

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