NZ Performance Car 162, June 2010

  • Raw Hide - Sometimes a car just gets everything right. Curt Whittaker's R34 Skyline drifter is one of those cars
  • RX Master - Aussie seven-second RX-3 pilot Rodney Rehayem talks about life, religion, and huge horsepower
  • Finishing Touches - The V&Rotary season ended on a high with the North Island Jamboree, 
  • So Fresh - Lance Haysom might be an old hand at building cars, but that hasn't stopped him creating one of the freshest Civics on the streets
  • Racer-X - As our CR-X budget build nears completion, Al's Mufflers sorts the exhaust, 
  • Tarmac Specialist - Fate cut Stace Hopper's life short, but his spirit lives on in the machine that made him an overnight sensation
  • Focal Point - NZPC plays with Sony's latest demo car for a week of thumping bass, crystal clear highs and a bit of torque steer thrown in for good measure
  • Boys Day Out - There were all kinds of awesome at H-Town's Boys Day Out 2010
  • Pressure Cooker - Big-boosting, big-kitted monster RX-7 streeter

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