NZ Performance Car 157, January 2010

  • Lap Dancer - Leon Scott's Lancer Evolution VII oozes J-side time attack style - and not by chance 
  • Hot for 2010 - We gaze into the crystal ball and predict the tuning trends for the year ahead
  • One and Only - Aus Molan's Integra RSi might have started life as a paltry performer, but that can't be said for this trophy-winning, boost-sucking tyre-fryer now
  • Game Over - The 2009 NOS Energy NZ Drift Series wasn't won without a fight
  • What Happens in Vegas - They say that what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Not true of the SEMA Show, the annual event that shapes tuning trends the world over
  • Keeping it Real - Kiwi drifting doesn't get any more grassroots than Joe Manji drift days
  • What Lies Beneath - Daniel Fung's '98 Levin BZ-R looks a lot like your average street-tuned Toyota AE111. It's not
  • Golden State - Rotary purists be warned, this car might just make your head explode