NZ Performance Car 156, December 2009

  • Fluro Fury - Take one part Toyota Levin, one part Honda S2000, three parts fluoro and stir vigorously
  • Castrol Edge/NZPC PCOTY - Fifteen of the countries finest import machines will be nominated. Only one will win
  • Under-Over - Clint Beaumont's hard-tuned ST205 Celica GT-4 is the ultimate underrated over-achiever
  • Racer-X - Our budget CR-X build continues as Race Brakes sorts out stoppers and the crew gets stuck into the Honda's interior
  • Speed Thrills - If it's fast and has wheels there's a good chance it was at Speedshow '09
  • The Long Road - Simon Turner knew where he wanted to end up. It was just a matter of how he was going to get there
  • Street Skills - Taranaki turned it on for one of the best grassroots-style drift events ever held in NZ
  • Ruthless - 751hp. 100 per cent street driven. Meet FATGTR one of Australia's toughest Skylines
  • Lay it Down - Glen Huijs street-driven FC3S Mazda RX-7 lays down some serious numbers

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