NZ Performance Car 152, August 2009

  • Classically Enhanced - How do you improve a classic American-built car? If you're Perry Whiteman, all it takes is a little J-side infusion
  • Castrol Edge: NZPC PCOTY - Fifteen of the country's finest modified import machines will be nominated. Only one will win
  • Instant Attraction - A year-and-a-half build has resulted in one of the country's toughest old-school Toyota Streeters
  • Racer-X - Gearbox rebuild and new clutch time for our budget CR-X track hack, 
  • Take Two - Ken Block rides again
  • Splice and Dice - It's chassis was made by Nissan, but this Skyline's heart is all Toyota
  • Little Tyke - Who knew that a humble old Morris Minor could be so damn cool
  • Wagonista - When you've lived and breathed Honda for 12 years straight, strange things can happen

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