NZ Performance Car 151, July 2009

  • Power Play - Even 10-inch rims and 265-wide tyres won't save this Mitsubishi Lancer Evo VII from sustained loss of traction
  • Short Fuse - Wagons don't come any more ruthless than this 500+kW Stagea 260RS, 
  • Slide Sensation: NZ Drift R1 - Can anyone in local drifting stop Gaz Whiter at the moment?
  • The Neverending Story - The saga of NZPC staffer Pedey Kelly's favourite toy - Big Blacky
  • Racer-X - After a Red Bull-fuelled start of epic proportions last issue, our Honda CR-X SiR project bangs on
  • Emasculation Nation - pedey can't decide whether to be turned on or terrified while in the passenger seat of Kirsty Nelson's Impreza WRX STI rally car
  • Full-Track Fang - Hitting the A1GP-spec circuit - JTune style
  • Blueprint Build - Is there a hotter 350Z streeter on the planet? Probably not