NZ Performance Car 148, April 2009

  • Living Large - Toni Cook's 10/10 showstopper Benz hits 11
  • Lights, Camera, Traction! - NZPC catches up with the man behind the cars of Universal Pictures' new Fast And Furious
  • Raising The Bar, This year's event may well have been the best V 4&Rotary National drag meet ever
  • No Turning Back - With its crisp, pulsing idle and immaculate bodywork, this RX-4 Coupe is one of NZ's top street rotors
  • Southern Pride - The 2009 V 4&Rotary South Island Champs Show in all its steel, carbon, leather and alloy glory
  • Perfect Storm - NZPC heads Stateside to take a close look at one of the world's quickest point-to-point GT-Rs
  • A Simple Plan - Kent Thompson's Impreza WRX might be the most straightforward 10-second package in New Zealand. Yes, a Subaru! 
  • Road Trip - The drift community packed up and headed even further south for the third round of the Vic and Whale Drift South series
  • WRX Appeal - You get a lot of car for your money, but is the 2009 WRX anny good? NZPC takes one for a blat to find out