NZ Performance Car 147, March 2009

  • Slide Show - Edwin Fong's Nissan 200SX has more stories and a whole lot more personality than most other Kiwi imports put together, 
  • Pay Back - It may have taken four attempts, but the 2009 Dragmasters saw the imports finally get one over their V8 brothers, 
  • Friendly Competition - Without a little friendly rivalry, Chris Chansou's car would probably still be stock standard, 
  • Show Time - Deep inside Tokyo Auto Saloon 2009, 
  • The Big One - Full coverage from the 2009 V 4&Rotary Nationals Show,
  • The Art of Speed - When Rhys Millen and RMR collaborate on a project, they know only one way, 
  • Rotor-Vational Therapy - When his Datsun 1200's original four-cylinder mil didn't cut it any more, Kade O'Keefe went looking for some rotor-vation, 
  • Paddock Bash - Whangarei's infamous Paddock Party grows up in spectacular fashion. Plus lots more!