NZ Performance Car 146, February 2009

  • Packing Heat - Fanga Dan's latest Holden bodied Nissan powered slide ride may not look like the quintessential drift machine, but that doesn't stop this ex-cop car from going seriously sideways, 
  • One Step Ahead - Lily Tipple decided to show her GT-R mad brothers and father that anything they can do, she can do better - in an 857hp-at-the-wheels, T51R-snorting, nitrous-sucking R34, 
  • Make Or Break - The Stil Vodka 2008 NZ Drift Series Grand Final delivered the most action-packed day of the season, 
  • Rotors Only - Re-powered machines from far and wide converged on the Rotary Summerdrags, 
  • Armed and Dangerous - 2002 Honda Civic Type R (EP3) Don't let its demure looks fool you - meet the car that packs a punch, 
  • Energy Hit - Thirty-two of the world's best drifters converged on Long Beach, California for the first Red bull Drifting World Championships, 
  • Buying Power, NZPC's performance car purchasing guide is back. This month, the Toyota Altezza RS200, 
  • The 2008 NZPCDSBTOP Awards - Stretched limousines, red carpet and paprazzi. There was none of it at the inaugural NZPCDSBTOP Awards - but there were some winners, and more!