NZ Performance Car 300, January — February 2023

It’s here! NZPC 300 is a long-awaited, historic issue and what better cover car to celebrate with than a three-rotor, RX-3 with the number plate 3DEEP! 

Zane Dykman’s recently completed triple-rotor RX-3 is a sight to behold. Some of the biggest names in the industry have had their hands on the three and a half year build that’s deep into six figures. Zane told Chopper at Choppers Auto Body Shop that he wanted the best RX-3 in New Zealand. Now that it’s complete, it’s for all of you to be the judge!

Liam and Warren take on a scorching 4&Rotary Nationals to bring you a nine-page spread, and Archee Lal attends a private drag day to bring you some epic imagery of a range of eight-second machines. Archee also completes a feature shoot for this issue, capturing Gwen’s midnight purple R32 GT-R, which he has built to Nismo Clubman spec — the build quality is next level! 

We check out a turbo B18C-powered EG Civic, a rear-wheel drive WRX drifter, an impeccable street legal drifter owned by Nathan Malmo, and New Zealand’s cleanest two-door Golf GTI. Aaron Mai gives us his first run-through of content from the long-awaited WRC NZ, and explores his next plastic project, in the form of a Calsonic Nissan Skyline GT-R. The Ed thrashes a trio of Honda Civic Type Rs around Pukekohe — then buys one a week later; long story, explained in his editorial. 

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