NZ Performance Car 299, December — January 2023

Billet badass — we’ve seen some tough street cars over here, but there aren’t many cruising the streets with a billet block. For NZPC 299, Pete Kearney of Christchurch unleashes his first-ever street-legal billet block Evo, packing a touch over 746kW at the engine. Built for roll racing, track days, and street cruising, this is easily one of the wildest street cars we’ve come across. 

For the true old-school JDM fans, we check out Andrew’s restored AE85, dripping in rare parts and powered by a 224kW 4A-GZE engine — wide-body and all! 

Resident rotor-head Danny Wood made his way down to Taupo to cover New Zealand’s largest rotary-only event — REunion — and features as this month’s hero contributor. Jayden Douglas was recently on the cover of NZPC, and his Silvia was wild then. But what do you do when your 500kW set-up isn’t enough? Well, Jayden certainly gives us some ideas with his now 758kW RB32-powered, six-speed sequential-packing S15 — an engine bay you definitely don’t want to miss. 

Aaron Mai shows us how he captures and preserves his favourite automotive moments, and we’ve got a wicked Weekend Warrior, killer Cruiser Mode, and spicy Street Legal drifter to check out. 

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