NZ Performance Car 289, April — May 2021

In issue 289 of NZ Performance Car Magazine, we sent Richard Opie and Warren Sare to catch up with one of New Zealand’s most well known NZ Fijian Car Club members — Ifrazz Beggz, with his 698kW 2.2-litre GTX4202R-powered Mitsubishi Evo VIII. The ed catches up with Whiddett family, to obtain the nitty-gritty details on Lincoln’s very first drift build, then he meets up with Brian Ingham of NDT Developments to see what goes into making an 800kW-plus street GT-R. Event wise, 4&Rotary Nationals 2021 hits the magazine in a big way, with three-day coverage, followed by REunion and the Gazoo Racing festival held at Hampton Downs Raceway. We’ve brought back an old tech series this issue too, with Scrapyard Gains back in full swing — this time, it’s a complete tuning guide on the humble and now very affordable Mk5 Golf GTI. Shaun Constable of Ambition Works takes us through another Japan saga, and Amy Davidson takes us for a complete tour around New Zealand, in her rotary-powered 1977 Mazda 808. But, that’s not all so go and grab a copy!