NZ Performance Car 287, December — January 2020

In this issue, Steve Kerr shows us his six-deep Silvia stack ranging from wild-to-mild; a 500kW LS-converted twin-turbo drifter, all the way down to a completely original S15. The NZPC team check out Jayden Broad’s K20A-turbocharged all-wheel drive Honda Orthia with EK front-end conversion, head to the track with a ‘big-block’ H22A-swapped Mini Cooper, cruise the streets with Keegan and his slammed JZX100 Mark II and interview one of New Zealand’s longest-standing tuning legends; Jacky Tse of J Tune Automotive. Shaun Constable from Ambition Works gives us the insight into moving to Japan and purchasing a Silvia locally, René gives us the low-down on Japan’s most insane Nissan GT-R car yard, and we take a closer look at a 380kW JZA80 Supra Weekend Warrior and a Borgwarner EFR9180-equipped FD3S Cruise Mode machine — and much more!