NZ Performance Car 286, October 2020

This month we serve you up a prime-cut example of how less can be more when it comes to building top tier machinery with Genesis Massive’s slammed and bagged GT-R that is dripping in candy, subtle body-line enhancements and packs 441kW at all-fours! We hit the track in a first-gen Group C RX-7 built to thrash, terrorize your neighbourhood with 10-second capable Evo VIII streeter, rotary-powered vintage ’69 Mazda Bongo, historic Super Touring BMW 36, and skim-water with a 700kW 2JZ-powered jet boat. There’s also yarns with motorsport engineering and jack-of-all-trades Mike Squire, automotive pesting at Winter Matsuri, how to repair second hand carbon-fibre, private tour of Turbosmart headquarters, and behind the build of a six-second rear-wheel drive Honda Civic turbo. All this radness and much more in NZ Performance Car #286