NZ Performance Car 285, September 2020

This month we go thrash testing a street-legal Targa-dominating tarmac monster 2011 Mitsubishi Evolution X from DNG that you can rent; go under the skin of a kiwi-built C7 Corvette drifter, take a step back in time with a historic ‘72 Mazda RX-3 racer, learn the art of automotive lego with a boosted big block swapped VW Golf GTi, and drool over the holy grail of GT-Rs, a ‘71. We go car meet sifting at Rotationals, behind the scenes with D1NZ, and brand battling with at the Street Fighters 2020. Tech is covered with a 4-link step by step, and we pass on the knowledge surrounding buying second hand wheels. We also surprise a few with a look at just how legal those car part raffles on social media really are. You will find this and plenty more all wrapped into NZPC #285, on sale now