NZ Performance Car 277, January 2020

This month we sit down with local drag racing legend Robbie Ward for an in depth look at his history in the sport and how his Rotorua based workshop came to be the world leader in RB30 engine builds. Feature cars include the ‘93 Mazda FD3S of Streetmeats Jonny Martin, one of the cleanest FD builds we’ve seen in years. We check in with rising drift star Kurt Blackie and his new Pro spec Toyota GT86 ahead of the upcoming 2020 D1NZ season. Or if mega power all wheel drive is your thing, we have Rob Stewart's decade spanning 440kW Evo VI build. Tech heads will get their fix with our introduction to TIG welding, K&N intake install, and the first of our installments covering Hayden Paddons EV rally car build. Jaden heads to Targa to further his thrash testing of the new Supra on some closed roads, and we prep for New Zealand’s return to the WRC with our guide to rally spectating. All this and plenty more in NZ Performance Car 277.