NZ Performance Car 270, June 2019

Real world first — from the mind of NZ Honda guru, Adam Plews, comes a truly wild creation: it’s half ’99-spec Type R and half NSX! We also check out a 450kW wide-body Altezza, Targa-spec’d Evo II RS, and a screaming 1G-powered Mark II wagon. Local event coverage includes the first ever 86-only drift event, Ralph Day, and the 4&Rotary Jamboree. We continue coverage of Regs Cook’s mental SR20, while also chatting to five of NZ’s most respected engine builders about building specific power plants from EJ20s to RB25, and 4B11Ts. Rene takes us through the Nismo workshop, and Richard profiles some factory-built racers pounding laps locally for the North Island Endurance Series. This, and plenty more inside NZ Performance Car 270.

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