NZ Performance Car 265, January 2019

The January issue of NZ Performance Car sees us head to the opening round of the Night Speed Drag Wars along with 2000 others to see some of our fastest streeters go head-to-head under lights. We take a look at 10 of the night’s best. Purists turn away now — a 675kW (906hp) 2JZ-swapped R34 breaks cover. Can you deny that it’s about as tough as they come? We cross the ditch to witness history at the World Time Attack Challenge, and while we’re there we check out a bagged Toyota Stout that’s spent 30 years in a barn. Locally, we have a feather-light B18C Type R Integra and an SR20-swapped Toyota KE20. Looking for a new project, or more specifically, a Toyota 86? We chat to those that have engine-swapped theirs about the pitfalls you may come across.