NZ Performance Car 255, March 2018


It’s a new year, with a new mag, and we have rolled out the starters gates with two of
New Zealand’s best drift cars at complete opposite ends of the drift build spectrum.
We also go deep inside Tokyo Auto Salon, D1NZ Wellington, and teach you the art of
rusty parts restoration using mad science.
Dort scort — Escorts don't come much cooler than this
Shake and bake — 522kW of naturally-aspirated V8 power
Street spirit — super-slick 180SX
Modified mecca — inside Tokyo Auto Salon 2018
Capital steez — D1NZ 2018 season opener
Mad science — DIY rust removal
Double dosing — Mad Mike's Sumerbash 2017 take two
Staying legit — a guide to the LVVTA system
The long haul — Bruce Tannock's S13 warhorse refreshed