NZ Performance Car 248, August 2017

In our 248 monthly issues, there are very few models that have not made it onto our cover, but the Soarer is definitely one …. until now. Jono Smith from Christchurch is breaking that ice in fine fashion, with a very ‘proper’ JDM drifter.

For the tech junkies we take a nerd's eye view of one of D1NZ’s highest-calibre machines — Arthur Lee’s S15. We also have a full feature on the Synergy two-litre engine that Reg Cook hopes to smash a ton of Bonneville records with — can someone say 14,000? Hell yeah!

We also follow the process of building a set of custom velocity stacks.

For those with a dispersion for old tin, the features on Greg’s bridgeported VW Beetle and Kei Miura’s Pandem S30 Datsun should get you thinking about stepping outside the square, and doing stuff that might scare the average builder.

We also take a trip to Kyushu in Southern Japan to check out a very loose pre-’89 (Showa) event.

Back home in New Zealand, we cover off Glory Daze in Christchurch, and, of course, a bunch more features that you’ll have to grab a copy to see.