NZ Performance Car 237, September 2016

In this issue of NZ Performance Car:

From a bogged-up shell to a pristine show-spec racer, Alex MacAskill’s SR Coupe may have been one hell of a hangover, but four years of hard work has transformed it into a show-winning race machine, ready to tackle South Island circuit and hill-climb events.

The second-oldest race event in the US, Pikes Peak is unique in its location and the challenges it brings, as vehicles contest 156 corners while climbing to 4300 metres above sea level. We sent along the best damn mountain goat we know, Larry Chen, to capture all the action, set to a breathtaking backdrop of the Rocky Mountains.

Deep in the South Auckland countryside, possibly the most ambitious-yet-ingenious project we have seen in recent years has just been completed. In this issue we take a very in-depth look at the FWD that Reg hopes will exceed 220mph at this year's Bonneville Speed Week.

We chat to Richard Green of Green Brothers Racing about how water injection works, why it's so good, and we also show you how to install a kit like the one used in New Zealand’s fastest import.

Hailing from the 04, although Steve’s S15 might be simple under the hood, its killer bodywork with Wise Sqaure GT widebody and plenty of carbon are set off with the use of low — lots and lots of low, thanks to a Ksport air-ride system.

  • 1977 Toyota Corolla (KE35)
  • 2003 Mazda RX-8 (SE3P)
  • 1999 Nissan Silvia (S15)
  • 1973 Ford Escort (MkI)
  • 2008 Nissan GT-R (R35)
  • Reg Cook’s land-speed streamliner
  • Drift South Battle Royale
  • Goodwood Festival Of Speed
  • Pikes Peak
  • 1979 Datsun 160J SSS
  • 1990 BMW 320i SE (E30)