NZ Performance Car 230, February 2016

In this issue of NZ Performance Car we go inside the Leadfoot Ranch as Rod Millen gives us a guided tour of his car collection, going into detail on each and every machine. The Ed also hops on a plane headed for Japan to take in the Nismo Festival and the Zama collection

We check out a Hamilton-based EG Civic that ticks all the boxes, a Christchurch-based S15, that has had a woman’s touch, and an Auckland-based Starlet that's been under the knife for over a decade.

Our man Aaron Mai hangs with Hiroshima-based Bad Quality crew and finds out that the name does not match the machines they build. While back in New Zealand we kick off the Demon Energy D1NZ National Drifting Championship season with a look at all the movers and shakers in the series, having a look at what modifications they have done and why.

And, like every month, there is also the usual fill of news, interviews, products, Weekend Warrior, Cruise Mode, and Daily Driven to keep you entertained.