NZ Performance Car 227, November 2015

  • 100% Drift: Massive drift issue — 152 pages of tyre frying
  • War Machine: We tear the panels off ‘Fanga’ Dan Woolhouse’s VE Commodore
  • Humbul: ‘Mad Mike’ Whiddett and Kawato-san of TCP Magic have teamed up to build HUMBUL — a 1000hp four-rotor, twin turbo FD RX-7
  • Taking the crown: A D1NZ championship-winning machine like you have never seen before  we’ve captured Darren Kelly’s R34 in all its battle-damaged glory
  • The Kukutai spirit: Our girl Ashleigh checks out one of the rising stars of New Zealand drifting, ‘Smokin’ Joe Kukutai and his Rockstar Energy R32.
  • The underdog: Grassroots drifting at its best! A 13B PP Toyota Corolla KE30
  • Mercury rising: The Mercury Z33 350Z — built to contest Formula D Japan, this thing oozes Japanese drift perfection from every angle.
  • Passion and anger: A Kobe-based street drifter who lives and breathes the underground side of drifting.
  • School of tyre frying: Sky Zhao’s Drift Academy.
  • DIY alignments: Learn how to set up and carry out a string alignment at home or at the track.
  • Cert secrets: The LVVTA is an integral part of the modified car culture here in New Zealand time to see what really goes on behind the doors at their Wellington headquarters.

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