D-Photo 46, February–March 2012

  • D-Focus Fresh imaging news from here and abroad, 
  • D-Comp - Macro magic from D-Photo readers, 
  • D-Feature - Learn how to make the most of the little things in life from the macro experts, 
  • D-Profile - The NZIPP’s first Grand Master, Tony Carter, talks to Vicki Jayne about his hometown inspirations,  
  • D-Folio - Emerging photographer Greg Semu tells Adrian Hatwell about making art the hard way, 
  • D-Feature - Take a look at the best consumer photography book publishing platforms, 
  • D-Travel - Travel photographer Jonathan Clark talks to Pauline Herbst about shooting Burning Man 
  • D-Feature - The winners of Canon’s Eyecon competition spill the secrets of success, 
  • D-Tech - Multi-Iris award winning photographer Jackie Ranken helps improve your portrait lighting, 
  • D-Doc - AIPP Travel Photographer of the Year Mike Langford critiques D-Photo readers’ images 
  • D-Image - Hans Weichselbaum walks us through scanning film and photo prints, 
  • D-Kids - The month’s best images of your kids, 
  • Buyer’s Guide: Printers - Freshen up your prints for 2012, 
  • Buyer’s Guide: Macro Photography - If you’re ready for your extreme close-up get the best gear for the job,
  • D-How To: Off-Camera Flash Rory Laubscher gets trigger happy, 
  • D-How To: Focus Stacking Bret Lucas teaches us the digital tricks to depth of field, 
  • D-Photo Pro - Movings and shakings in the professional world, 
  • Pro-Image - Hans Weichselbaum lifts the curtain on advanced layer tricks, 
  • Industry Association News - Industry views from the NZIPP, PSNZ and AIPA, 
  • D-Parting Shot - Up next issue

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