D-Photo 097, Spring 2020

New Zealand’s best amateur photographers are revealed as D-Photo announces the results of the Sigma Amateur Photographer of the Year 2020 competition in a special extra-sized issue.

Winning images are printed on a special exhibition-quality paper stock, along with category runners-up and shortlisted images -- be sure to grab a copy and see if you made the cut.

Also in this issue, we explore the huge international photography exhibition that has arrived in Aotearoa and features several local talents. You’ll also get to see works from some of our most renowned photographers which contributed to art sales of $1.6 million while the country was in lockdown.

You’ll also find guidance on shooting creative portraits, working with colour and entering images into awards. Plus we look at the important differences between DSLR and mirrorless viewfinders, explore the basics of focus and put the best prime lens compacts to the test.

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