D-Photo 092, October — November 2019

In D-Photo issue 92, we talk with Australian photojournalist Chris McGrath, who routinely ventures into some of the most dangerous spots on the globe to keep the world informed of important world events. This issue’s cover artist is Carly Anderson, an up and coming photographer whose latest project, whakahīhī, has helped her reconnect with her cultural roots.   


Witness the independent publishing scene thriving as we review three photo-books from three exciting contemporary photographers. Our Gear Showdown pits the leading models of the new ‘affordable medium format’ category against one another, and our resident gear-head, Richard Wong, goes in depth with the X-Rite Color Checker Passport Photo 2, a handy tool for calibrating colours perfectly.


Also in this issue are top images from our readers, insight from photo industry leaders, a buyer’s guide for picking the correct travel gear, and a look at the secret recipe for photos that get attention in our image-saturated digital age.