NZ Performance Car 250, October 2017


This month marks 250 issues of New Zealand Performance Car magazine, so in celebration we look back at five game changers that featured on the cover over the years and had an impact deeper than most, while the ed. shares his favourite 40 feature cars of all time. Does your list match?  

On the cover we have Fritz Leaning’s 439kW carby fed 26B PP FD3S RX-7, which stole the show at Chrome Expression session, which is also featured with a bumper seven pages of coverage. For the RB fans we have Dan Walsh’s RB25 C35 Laurel, Kris’s super tough HKS stroker RB28 R33 GT-R, and the first installment on building a race prepped RB34 detine for Darren Kelly’s R35 GT-R.

For the race fans we have features on Gina Bullian’s brand new six-second Factory Extreme RX-8, the world record holding 2017 WRX STi Type RA NBR Special, and a little Datsun 1200 circuit slayer.  Of course this is only a taste of what you’ll find in this 139 page collectors edition.