D-Photo 045, December–January 2012

  • Letters to the Editor - You D-photo readers don’t let us get away with anything, 
  • D-Focus - Get the imaging lowdown from here and abroad, 
  • D-Photo Amateur Photographer Calendar Competition - Send us your images! 18 D-Subscriptions - Get D-Photo delivered to your door and you could win a Rogue Speedlite Accessories pack worth over $325, 
  • D-Comp - The best sport shots from D-Photo readers, 
  • D-Feature - How to capture and preserve treasured family moments, as told by the best in the business, 
  • D-Profile - NZIPP Photographer of the Year Richard Wood talks to Vicki Jayne about the never-ending search for inspiration, 
  • D-Feature - Famed wilderness-lover Craig Potton spills the secrets of his success to Nigel Carter, 
  • D-Folio - Contemporary art wunderkind Edith Amituanai tells Adrian Hatwell about the artist’s need to leave the comfort zone, 
  • Photo Essay - Photographer James Ensing-Trussell captures the fight against blindness in Vanuatu, 
  • D-Feature - Grahame Sydney contemplates the convergence of photography and painting with Vicki Jayne, 
  • D-Travel - Vicki Jayne scours the country for the best bird watching – and snapping – opportunities, 
  • D-Tech - Jackie Ranken, multi-award winner at this year’s Iris Awards, goes vintage, 
  • D-Doc - AIPP Travel Photographer of the Year Mike Langford critiques D-Photo reader’s images, 
  • D-Image - Hans Weichselbaum talks us through digitally perfecting the portrait, 
  • D-Kids - This month’s best images of your kids, 
  • Buyer’s Guide: Christmas Special - Not sure what to get the shutterbug in your life for Christmas this year? We are, 
  • How To: Specular Highlight Control - Bret Lucas teaches us it’s all in the eyes, 
  • How To: Off-Camera Flash - Rory Laubscher serves up a refreshingly remote flash challenge, 
  • D-Photo Pro - Movings and shakings in the professional world, 
  • Pro-Image, Hans Weichselbaum looks at a new tool for portrait fine-tuning, 
  • Industry Association News - Industry views from the NZIPP, PSNZ and AIPA

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