D-Photo 043 August–September 2011

  • Letters - All your scintillating camera correspondence,
  • D-Focus - Imaging moves and shakings from here and abroad,
  • D-Subscriptions - Get D-Photo delivered all year round and you could win a Sony 3D HD package worth more than $6k, just in time for Fathers’ Day,
  • D-Comp - Top winter wonderland picks from D-Photo readers,
  • D-Profile - Italian photographer Oliviero Toscani tells of sex, disease, grief and the art of provocative communication,
  • Travel Comp - Win a photo safari in Queenstown with award-winning photographers Mike Langford and Jackie Ranken,
  • D-Feature - To whet your appetite, the D-Photo editor checked out a Queenstown Safari with last year’s Canon EOS Photo5 winners,
  • D-Folio - Up and coming photographer Vicky Te Puni talks about her new life in front of the camera,
  • Image Nation - New Zealand’s two-day conference examining the photographic intersection of art and commerce,
  • Auckland Festival of Photography Wrap-Up - A whole month of exhibition treats in the big little city,
  • Speak No Evil - Vincent Ward and Jane Ussher speak up about the value (or not) of talking up your work,
  • Photo Apps - It’s a smarter world out there, check out the best little photography programs around,
  • D-Tech - EOS Master Jackie Ranken is here to inspire,
  • D-Doc - AIPP Travel Photographer of the Year Mike Langford gives readers’ images a working over,
  • D-Image - Talking text with Hans Weichselbaum,
  • D-Kids - Only the best of your little ones,
  • Buyer’s Guide to Photography Bags - From jungle safety to high fashion, we walk you through the bag market,
  • D-Review,
  • D-Photo Pro - Happenings of the professional world,
  • Pro-Image - Hans Weichselbaum goes deeper into the world of text,
  • Industry Association News - Industry views from the NZIPP, PSNZ and AIPA,
  • D-Parting Shot - Gaze into the future

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