D-Photo 037, August–September 2010

  • D-Focus - The latest photography news, cameras, awards and releases, 
  • D-Subscriptions - Get D-Photo all year round and be in to win a special Fathers’ Day LG home entertainment package!, 
  • D-Tips - Improve your black and white photography with these simple hints, 
  • D-Comp - Incredible images from our Street Photography competition, 
  • D-Profile - Photographer Michael Hall speaks about finding his calling and documenting the effects of climate change, 
  • D-Feature: Wildlife Photography - The best wildlife photographers in the world speak to Anna Klauzner about doing what they love, 
  • D-Folio - Virginia Woolf, winner of our Chris McLennan Travel Competition, showcases her work from Papua New Guinea, 
  • On Location - Skate and Mountain Bike Photographers Caleb Smith and David Read discuss the trials and tribulations of being on location, 
  • D-Tech - Jackie Ranken offers her insights into the art of white balance, 
  • D-Doc - Australian Landscape Photographer of the Year Mike Langford critiques readers’ images, 
  • D-Image - Hans Weichselbaum explains the ins and outs of the Pen tool, 
  • D-Kids - This month’s best pics of your kids, 
  • D-Review - New cameras, lenses and printers from Epson, Canon, Pentax, Nikon, Leica, Sony and FujiFilm, 82 D-Photo Pro - Our section for industry pros, 83 Pro News - The latest news for professionals, 90 Pro Image - Hans Weichselbaum on camera calibration,
  • Industry Association News - From the NZIPP, PSNZ and AIPA, 
  • Parting Shot - Your Letters

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