NZV8 004, September 2005

  • Living With An 8: XR8 Long Term, 
  • Cruisin' For A Bruisin' slammed '59 Caddy, 
  • This IS Not A Sausage Factory: Rob Penman Motorsport,
  • From Tow To Go: VL Calais on Bags, 
  • Snakes Alive!: Shelby Legend, 
  • Pumping Iron: mEan Hit Monaro, 
  • The Usual Story 350 Chev CJ7 Jeep, 
  • 9 Nine For Tea: T-Bucket On Gas, 
  • History Never repeats: V8s From Then Till Now, 
  • Northern Showdown: Round 6 V8 Supercars, 
  • Defying The Law Of Physics: 8000Hp Rocket.

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