NZV8 207, August 2022

We don’t all set out to build 1000hp monsters; most are a progressionary tale, or result from what we in the magazine business like to call the snowball effect. Cory de Kort and his ’74 HQ know this all too well; what started out as a mild street/strip machine eight years ago has morphed into a procharged 1000hp strip stormer with single-digit aspirations.

Following in the same vein is Graeme and Adam Bates’ 1969 PC Cresta. An icon of the local drag scene, the twin-turbocharged machine is back this time with a full coat of carbon and an all-new power plant!

We also check out a Kevlar wide-body VT Commodore, with two turbos where the rear seat once was.

Ever seen 4x4 trails? We take a look at what makes these LS-powered off-roaders tick.

Event coverage this month includes the Holden Addiction Nationals, and a BTS look as Morice McMillan takes on Top Fuel at the Winternationals. Interested in NOS? We’ve also got the basics of nitrous tech.

All this and a ton more in the August issue of NZV8.

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