NZ Performance Car 291, August — September 2021

Issue 291 of NZ Performance Car Magazine may just be one of the biggest — one of the wildest cars to ever be built in New Zealand is finally finished after a 12-year build. That’s right, Reuben ‘the Lord’ Bemrose has finished a build that nobody thought would ever got done, but after going over it in fine detail in this issue, we think 12 years is an impressive feat — you’re not going to want to miss this 869kW 2JZ-converted widebody Subaru WRX wagon! We check out a true street weapon in this issue, with Minh’s 10-second quarter-slaying single-turbo, air bagged Mazda RX-7 that packs over 400kW and oozes style. Amy Davidson introduces us to a new fluffy family member and dives deep into a two-car retro resto’. Shaun Constable continues his journey through Japan’s back roads, while Steve Ritchie – our rally-mad contributor – takes us through a who’s who in the pointy end of the New Zealand rally scene. We get your shots in print with the ‘Social Slam’ segment, thrash the last-ever Subaru WRX STI with an EJ engine – while comparing it to an old GC8 – and check out a 456kW 1.5JZ Verossa in this issue’s Weekend Warrior Segment. This issue is STACKED with so much more, so best to run to your nearest retailer to grab a copy — enjoy!

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