NZ Performance Car 234, June 2016

At this year’s V 4&Rotary Nationals there was a huge contingent of South Island cars that made the trek up and stole the show. Well, there was one car that really did steal the show and that was Zen’s Chaser. Christchurch-based Zen fell in love with the big-body Toyotas while drifting in Japan and just had to have a New Zealand–based machine. The ChaChaCha Chaser runs a custom kit, custom interior, limited-edition Work Wheels, and has enough power to keep anyone happy. The complete all-rounder? Well, you can be the judge of that .

We delve into the workshop of Force Motorsport where they have been busy building new-generation AP4 rally machines of their own design. Andrew Hawkeswood shows us the technical aspects of their first three cars to come off the small production line, Andrew’s Mazda2, Hayden Paddon’s Hyundai i20, and Glenn Inkster’s Skoda Fabia. These are world-class cars of a Kiwi design and 99-per-cent packed with Kiwi-designed and Kiwi-built components.

Hear from those responsible for building and tuning some of the country's best drift cars. We chat to leading engine builders and tuners on what to consider when building a drift-spec engine, what they see as important factors to consider, and the maintenance schedules of top teams. Thinking about running a top-level drift car? This will give you an insight into what it takes the teams to make it through a season and stand atop that podium.

If there is one style of build that will never die, it has to be a super-clean engine bay packed with a high-powered and highly detailed engine. John’s FD RX-7 takes it one step further than most FDs with a fully deloomed engine bay and some killer paint. We don’t blame you if you’re caught drooling over this feature, John’s FD is just that tasty looking. 

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