NZ Performance Car 292, October — November 2021

Lockdown banger! That’s right, issue 292 of NZ Performance Car will be dropping amidst yet another Level Four lockdown here in New Zealand — just when you’ve run out of things to do around the house, or in the shed, chuck a mask on and head to the supermarket to grab a copy! This issue, our cover car is a certified monster, packing 781kW at the wheels and it’s completely street legal! Rizwan’s Mitsubishi Evo runs a nine-second quarter, and can pick up the kids from school — it doesn’t get any better than that! Leon Scott takes us over his revived Mazda RX-3 circuit car ‘fun build’, and we take a look at William Au-Yeung’s K24, turbocharged time attack Civic that has just been rebuilt and contested one of the toughest races in the world: Pikes Peak. Amy Davidson talks about a handful of kickass, inspiring women that help fuel her own passion in Mazda Chronicles. If you have ever wanted to know what it’s like driving for a couple of days in Japan to arrive at the grassroots of drifting, and taking that on for a week in your streetcar with some of your best mates, then Shaun Constable has the story for you in the latest Big Ambitions Segment. And we’ve got a big-power R33 GT-R Weekend Warrior, an air-bagged RX-7 Cruise Mode, and an RB25-powered S13 Street Legal drifter to keep you entertained. Additionally, the ed starts a new project, and gets some decent gains in the first instalment of ‘Project GRB’. Plus, a HEAP more to keep you entertained this lockdown!

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